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 Pandora Catz

Welcome to Dreamer's!

We are a Petz center dedicated to the selective breeding and showing of Pandora Catz, a special variety of Main Coon hybrid.

Our catz are shown at the RKC Petz Forum, though we hope to branch out to similar communities in the future.

Here at the site, we feature breeding tips for how to get your own Pandora, as well as a history of the catz and a gallery of Dreamer's resident petz.

Please Note:
I don't consider Pandora Catz to be a singular breed.

I  have my own ideas of what an ideal Pandora Cat should look like, but I believe that defining a set of breed standards would hinder the creativity of mix breeding.

Rather, I use the term Pandora Cat to refer to any mix with the specific coat pattern described in the History & Breeding section.




Dreamer's is owned and maintained by Song


AIM: sandalsindecember
RKC username: dreamseeker

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